Hugo Wilson

Hugo Wilson (b.1982, London)
Lives/Works in London, UK

Hugo Wilson unites the seemingly divergent realms of science and humanity by placing his art at the intersection of both these worlds. Starting from the philosophical concept of hauntology, which suggests that we are drawn to the aesthetics and ideas of the past, Wilson couples the primal mysteries of life with the logic of modern science to create a unique dynamic of “organized chaos” that blurs the boundaries between faith and reason.

I am interested in etching as a context, it moves a drawing into a different realm, being embossed into the paper and printed in ink from metal etc... I wanted to find something to do with the body that did the same thing, the shrunken head also moves the object away from what it was and into a new realm of consideration.


Etching on Hard Ground and Aquatint
48.5 x 37.5 cm
Edition of 25


Hugo Wilson
The Human Body: a series of etchings
Price 250.00