Lora Hristova

Punternet Valentine is a poem made from text found on the UK prostitution review website, Punternet.com, using only posts dated the14th February. Established in 1999 the site now holds over 25,000 detailed customer reviews. According to the 2002 Swedish anti-prostitution campaign, 1 out of 8 men has paid for sex. Exchanging money for sex in a safe environment and with full consent shouldn't be offensive to anyone who believes in the autonomy of the individual. However the dehumanising attitude some customers and society as a whole, has towards sex workers should have us all outraged.

Lora Hristova (b.1987 Sliven, Bulgaria) works across video, text and collage to explore ideas around identity and human sexuality. Since graduating from Central Saint Martin's in 2009 she has exhibited across London with her first major solo show at The Zabludowicz Collection in March 2013 as part of their Invites programme for emerging artists. She recently exhibited in her home country for the first time as part of Water Tower Art Fest 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Feminist theory, psychoanalysis and pop culture inform her research which is collated in an online archive at: www.oral-malkin.tumblr.com.

Much of her past work has appropriated from mainstream pornography and considers the cultural, psychological and social impact of the sex industry. In July 2013 she led a reading group called 'The Price of Sex' at Carroll/Fletcher which discussed sexual politics, sex work and human trafficking. She was also part of the 'Female Uprising' event by the think-tank Brainplay and has contributed to the contemporary arts and feminism magazine, SALT. Her work is part of The University of the Arts Collection, The Zabludowicz Collection and private collections in London including those of Les Mes and Tracy Emin.  


Lora Hristova
Time for Outrage
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