Camilla Emson


Emson’s multidisciplinary practice is concerned with the play, participation and performance of making.  She often re-appropriates the tools of artisans or finds unknown tools/props to create.


Emson is an artist, dance movement psychotherapist and somatic experiencing practitioner and is motivated by cutting edge research that says we remain plastic throughout life.  The work she creates is formed out of a devotion to material malleability and human plasticity. 


In her multi and cross-disciplinary practice, Emson always returns to the body as an intelligent and self-regulating vessel.  The body can become stuck or frozen by the traumas of life and the "numbing agents" of modern living.  Her play with tools deliberately re-introduces the body in space in an attempt re-engage and re-member.


In her recent work Steps to Recovery, 2016 commissioned by Paul van Zyl (41 Conduit Street), Emson collaborated with a safe house for recovering addicts to block-print and sew 30 meters of muslin using tools she sourced in India, which was then suspended from copper pipes. 

Camilla Emson
Modern Penelopes - New Series of Etchings
Price 250.00