Adeline de Monseignat


Adeline de Monseignat (b.1987) is a London-based multidisciplinary visual artist. Her practice investigates themes linked to the body, nature, birth and life within the inanimate. The artist explores the origin of her chosen materials (sand to glass, quarry to marble), the origin of life (fertility, sexuality, motherhood) and the origin of words (etymologies).  These interests are addressed in her sculptures and installations with the use of organic, sensual, strong yet vulnerable materials such as glass, soil, fur, fabric and marble that aim to echo the human body’s qualities and potentialities.


 Adeline has a BA in Language and Culture, UCL (2009), and an MA in Fine Art, City & Guilds of London Art School (2011). 

Adeline de Monseignat
Modern Penelopes - New Series of Etchings
Price 250.00