EloÔse van der Heyden

Born in 1983 in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Lives and works near Paris. Eloise van der Heyden graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris in 2009. She attends the Michael Woolworth's workshop at Bastille and the publishing workshop des Beaux Arts in Paris. Her work illustrates the movement of human relationships through the footprints of textiles and different used materials in general.


Fusion, separation, love, solitude... imprints of loved ones that we have embraced and are now gone. It's another way of expressing relationship, what we would like to be remembered for, as well as the loss we face.


This is a series of mono print on Japanese paper. 

They are prints of textiles where the pattern appears subtly and disappears by the way it has been inked.

It is a game where presence and absence are in unison through the same gesture .

The pattern symbolizes Penelope s patience, as well as representing the work of crafts men, artists, and all people seeking meaning through the repetition of gesture.

EloÔse van der Heyden
Modern Penelopes - New Series of Etchings
Price £250.00