Tom Gallant

Tom Gallant (b. UK, 1975)
Lives/Works in London, UK

Gallant’s practice examines abusive or absent male in our historical and contemporary visual culture through the industries that drive them. Using a methodology which appropriates crafts as well as motifs, his practise is based on literary research to form connections between the elements he uses. Gallant’s practise can be described as an exploration of collector culture with iconography ranging from etymological collections of moths to gothic rose windows and Victorian wallpaper.

Based on manga and a 1950s kids book, it is a fetish of collage and the idolatry of youth. Both 50s illustrations and contemporary hentai place the child in an adult world, or rather both change the identity of fictional children's characters and place them in a graphic world with adult responsibilities.

Hentai often appropriates popular children's comic heroes and heroines and forces them into a sexualised universe. The popular series of Martine represents an innocence from an era when the identity of childhood was beginning to develop, though before it was lost to fear and the media's portrayal of an evil lurking under every bed.


Etching on Hard Ground and Aquatint
48.5 x 37.5 cm
Edition of 25

Tom Gallant
The Human Body: a series of etchings
Price 250.00