Abigail Lane

Abigail Lane (b. Penzance, 1967)
Lives/Works in Suffolk

Lane’s work shows unsettling images, which explore the psyche. Often her work involves video, photography and digital media, but she also produces sculptural installations and pieces. Her work is based on late Victorian displays such as séances, circus imagery and magic shows. It has included wallpaper with a repeated design of images of her rear, scratching and scraping noises heard behind a shut door and wax replicas of bodily fragments suspended from the ceiling.


The poisonous apple put Snow White to sleep, the sinful apple was the origin of temptation, Newton's apple became the cover girl for gravitational theory and the ‘apple of my eye’ describes the one that we cherish. It embodies both lust and the child. It is love and knowledge and yet it is forbidden.

History weighs itself on this fruit in ridiculous, funny and conflicting ways. Humans have always needed objects into which they can inject their fears, loves, hopes and embarrassment. The Eye of My Apple portrays the moment when the beloved looks back and finds its own will.


Photo-etching and Aquatint
47.5 x 38.5 cm
Edition of 25

Abigail Lane
The Human Body: a series of etchings
Price 250.00