Byzantia North

Byzantia North (b. London, 1986)

Studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, Central Saint Martins and the Ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris during an Erasmus exchange. Byzantia's practice revolves around events that are unique, transitory and elusive. Exploring boundaries and intermediate states through manipulation, repetition and evocative image making across a broad range of media.

Inside a cafe I observed a woman outside, a man passed close to her causing her silk dress to brush against the windowpane for a second. The moment I witnessed the impression of silk onto the glass it was gone. The silk sandwiched to the pane momentarily made me think of swathes of drapery embellishing the archetypal nude. I see the human form in the traces it leaves in its environment. Things brushing up against one another and leaving fleeting impressions that are lost, this was very much what I wanted to investigate.

The process of etching embodied the very principles I intended to capture. Impressions and transference - this is what I think of when I think of etching. A desire to capture something and cut it into something more solid, more lasting, that can be replicated. A moment that can be played out the desired amount of times.


Etching on Hard Ground and Soft Ground
48.5 x 37.5 cm
Edition of 25

Byzantia North
The Human Body: a series of etchings
Price 250.00