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The Human Body: a series of etchings

Vol. 1: The Human Body, a series of etchings

For the inaugural volume of editions a group of ten artists was selected to bring together a coherent collection of etchings, all of the same size, elaborated around the designated theme of “The Human Body”.

Each artist offers his personal vision and individual insight on the subject, meditating on endless possibilities of interpretations. The Human Body tackled as the ultimate icon of human caducity; investigated as abstract form or sectioned in its different parts; depicted as humorous, grotesque and uncanny figures; illustrative and suggestive; the body as a source of pain, pleasure, fear and happiness; its physiology but also its spirituality.

Each artistʼs etching is in edition of 25 and is available in the format of 10 hand made box sets and with 15 of each edition being sold as individual prints.

Participating artists are Mat Collishaw, Rachel Howard, Abigail Lane, Tom Gallant, Boo Saville, Hugo Wilson, Ian Bruce, Phoebe Collings- James, Charlie Billingham and Byzantia North.


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The exhibition was kindly hosted by Benjamin Proust Fine Arts on New Bond Street and the opening took place on the 12th of December 2012 at Moretti Fine Arts on Ryder Street, London