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Claire de Quenetain at Colbert Studio

To celebrate the launch of her new collection of printed textiles for the home, Claire de Quénetain will present ‘Beyond the Gates’ and ‘Panorama’ during a three-days event this June at the Colbert Studio on Columbia Road.

Claire de Quénetain will show “Beyond the Gates” and “Panorama”. By creating a personal expression of painted marks and forms, she proposes a new line of designs in the sphere between art and textile design.

The collections will propose the beginning of a journey into a garden. “Beyond the Gates” is the first collection where Claire de Quénetain proposes five colourful panels showing gates ornamented by flowers and plants. They are the entrances to the garden, the beginning of a story. “Panorama”, is the first glance of the garden. She painted and sketched with spontaneity the views of a garden. The overall observations show the wilderness of the garden and serve the feeling of being surrounded by nature. Her textiles aim to create a natural atmosphere for the interiors where people can feel the freshness, the movement and the colourful sensations of gardens. People become the characters of a garden story and are able to create their own mise-en-scène in order to celebrate the everyday life.

De Quénetain studied Fine Arts at the ECAL, Switzerland and pursued her education in Printed Textiles at the Royal College of Art, London. She recently did a collaboration with homeware company Heal’s, a collection of printed textiles for their spring.

The event was organised by Alix Janta-Polczynski and kindly hosted by Charlotte and Philip Colbert at Colbert Studio.