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The House of Penelope - Events


Please check the Exhibition page for the full press release with details of the exhibition. 


If you wish to participate in or attend any of the events below it is ESSENTIAL that you secure your place by sending an email clearly stating the event that you wish to attend to rsvp@alteriaart.com.

All events are free unless otherwise stated, however, places are limited.


7th Jan / 4-8pm / Launch Party sponsored by Ciroc Vodka


7th Jan / 6-8pm / Passage / Perfomance by Soojin Kang (no need to book)


9th Jan / 3-6pm / Becky Allen drawing & erasing (process in action - no need to book)


9th Jan / 2-5pm / Walter & Zoniel will be ‘Taking Requests’ - Creation of Photismogram studies. Please send requests of songs in the themes of Love, Loss or Faith, in advance via email or bring on a usb stick in person. 


10th Jan / 3.30-5pm / The Puppetista / Live puppet performance for children of all ages (£5 per child including juice and snack)


10th Jan / 6-8pm / The Slow Sow / Live Participation with Camilla Emson  [FULL]


12th Jan / 6-9pm / Full Moon Ritual / A workshop led by Madeleine Botet de Lacaze inside Adeline de Monseignat's installation [FULL]


13th Jan / 7.30-9.30 / Ruth Padel, award-winning British poet and philhellene, will read some of her poetry and discuss her take on the Odyssey [sadly cancelled due to unforseen circumstances]


14th Jan / 2.30-4.30pm / The Slow Sow / Live Participation with Camilla Emson


18th Jan / 6-8pm / Swiss composer and soundhealer Leo Cosendai working with sacred tones / Ceremony with Camilla Emson


20th Jan  / 6-9pm / Walter & Zoniel Creation of Photismogram studies with live musician (no need to book)


20th Jan / 6-9pm / Closing event sponsored by Ciroc Vodka


PASSAGE (A performance by Soojin Kang)

Visualising weaving as a palimpsest, to bear the traces of time passing. The loom acts as the platform in which the threads travel back and forth. The weaving process is an act of painting the time while imprinting memory throughout the mystic journey. Time Passing Nowhere is an homage to the labour of weaving. The performance interoperates the process of undoing the existence of time while the physical progresses. The thread acts as the clock in which the hands establish the control of movement in time. Kang will unravel the thread from a woven piece of fabric remaining on a wooden loom, dismantling and re-organising as if in preparation to start again. Taking inspiration from the idea of unravelling time through the act of un-weaving, I found that the significance of Penelope weaving and then undoing, is her holding on to her marriage to Odysseus by creating time without passing. The symbol of the loom and the spindle are seen as threads of time, whilst she weaves and un-weaves she still has some control over her destiny.


PHOTISMOGRAMS on the themes of Love, Loss & Faith


Walter & Zoniel reflect upon the passage of time and depth of emotion through the ephemeral qualities of music and light by creating Photismograms - abstract photographic representations of whole songs and individual lyrics.

Their hand-built Release Wave Sequencer - illuminates sound waves, projecting them through a body of water, translating them into coloured light. Each song is visually captured in a  photographic exposure as a Photismogram.

On Monday 9th, the artist duo will be creating a series of Photismogram studies live on site . They will be ‘Taking Requests’ and you are invited to put forward songs for them to use in their practice relating to Penelope. The works interpreting sound waves through water and light into photographic images will then be screened later in the show. 

For this exhibition they are focussing upon the subjects of love, loss and faith. The works interpret the story of Penelope thematically, and physically; through the reflection of time passing recorded as a single photographic exposure, and through the ephemerality and emotion embodied in music. 

If you wish to request a song (on the theme of Love, Loss or Faith) to be included in the series, please email the artists a link to the song online and/or bring it along on a usb stick. Please email musical requests to info@walterandzoniel.com and title them ‘Penelope Requests’. Though participation is free, the number of requests the artists will use is limited, so emailing requests in advance is advised. 


THE SLOW SOW (Live Participation with CAMILLA EMSON) 

Camilla Emson has asked Emma from The London Terrariums to guide a group of 10 people in making an enclosed (ecosystem) terrarium. Emson's idea is to collectively create an indoor garden the ‘The Slow Sow' as a tribute to artisans/makers and their embodied skill and a symbol of collective transformation. Through her recent work at Solace, a charity that supports women who have experienced domestic and sexual violence Emson finds the symbol or act of gardening most powerful as it unhooks people from their dependency on instant gratification, drama and consumerism.  She is particularly drawn to the fact that gardening forces people to slow down and surrender to a very organic process, which takes time.


There are 2 ways you can participate.

1.* You be given a vessel at the workshop to make your own glass terrarium. 

* The terrarium will be part of the exhibition until the show ends on the 20th January. 

* The work will be delivered back to you at our best convenience.  

* You will receive Slow Hands drawing by Emson based on this work. 

COST £90 - to be paid in advance.


2. *You will bring your own vessel to take part.

*There will be no charge and it will be part of the exhibition until the 20th Jan.

*You will need to either donate it or pick it up on the final day of the exhibition.


THE PUPPETISTA (A live puppet performance for children)

Who is hiding behind the Puppetista? An eccentric Swiss-Anglo actress living in London. She creates unique hand-made puppet shows to entertain children of every age including adults. She will share her infinite imagination with you through her lively puppet performances. Stories will include a surreal encounter between Salvadore Dali and Yayoi Kusama, a meeting with the last dinosaur living on this planet and a mythological tour amongst many other exciting stories! Come along so we can all dream together and see polka dots everywhere!

Cost is £5 per child which includes a drink and snack. Payment can be made in cash on the day but you must rsvp to reserve your child’s place as space is limited. 



FULL MOON RITUAL  (Inside ADELINE DE MONSEIGNAT’s installation ‘Penelope’s Wheel’)

Join astrologer and performance artist Madeleine Botet de Lacaze and visual artist Adeline de Monseignat on the evening of January’s full moon. At some point in our evolutionary journey, the Moon became the universal image of the female, the eternal Goddess. The Moon governed not only by the tides of the sea, but also the "tides" of the womb. The menstrual cycle coincides with the 28-day cycle of the Moon. Even today, in many parts of the world women still refer to their menstrual cycle as being in their "moon time". In this workshop we will explore the correlation between the moon’s energy and the female body and take the opportunity of the full moon to send positive intentions out to the universe and learn the benefits of integrating the practice of full moons rituals to our lives. This event is free but space is limited so you must reserve your place. 



Leo Cosendai is a Prana kriya yoga teacher, Gong master, sound healer, reflexologist, and a space clearer from Switzerland. He has trained with Grand Gong master Don Conreaux and Yoga Ashokananda, and now travels all over the world to  heal people through the art of sacred tones. This event is free but space is limited so you must reserve your place. 



Becky Allen can be seen working on her drawings in her room at the times mentioned above. She will be adding or erasing using various techniques, a unique insight into the processes that this artist has used to create her work. There is no need to book for this event but the artist may let you participate in the erasing of the works on a drop in basis.



Ruth Padel  will read from her prose and poetry informed  by lifelong involvement with Homer's Odyssey., around the Penelope themes laid down by the grammar of Greek myth: woman waiting,  woman ingenious, woman setting herself against men's projections onto her.

This event is free but space is limited so you must reserve your place.