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The Artists' Colouring Book of ABCs

26 artists for 26 letters. Each artist was given a LETTER, PAPER, PEN, BRUSH, and INK. Together they created the large format colouring in book for kids and adults -

The Artists' Colouring Book of ABCs, a playful and inspiring way to introduce children to their ABCs and main figures of contemporary art as well as toying with the symbol of transference of power from one generation to the next, the artists handing over the tools of their craft to the younger generation and allowing them the freedom to reinvent and create, making each book a unique work of art.

A percentage of sales from the book go to the wonderful Kids Company Charity (awarded the Liberty and JUSTICE Human Rights Award in 2007) who provide support to vulnerable inner-city children.

A is for Tracey Emin
B is for Fiona Banner
C is for Alex Katz
D is for Harland Miller
E is for Chantal Joffe
F is for Gillian Ayres
G is for Joseph Kosuth
H is for Betty Woodman
I is for Gary Hume
J is for Pietro Ruffo
K is for Cathie Pilkington
L is for Mat Collishaw
M is for Paula Rego
N is for Kieth Coventry
O is for Jake & Dinos Chapman
P is for Grayson Perry
Q is for Bob & Roberta Smith
R is for Gavin Turk
S is for Rachel Howard
T is for Polly Morgan
U is for Georgie Hopton
V is for Maggi Hambling
W is for Paul Fryer
X is for Keith Tyson
Y is for Yinka Shonibare
Z is for Marc Quinn



A limited edition of 250 hard back versions of the book were also created including a signed and numbered screen print by Jake & Dinos Chapman and presented inside a hand crafted box.There are still some available via Yoox.com.

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