An etching project with artworks by

Charlie Billingham · Ian Bruce · Phoebe Collings-James ·  Mat Collishaw · Tom Gallant · Rachel Howard · Abigail Lane · Byzantia North · Boo Saville · Hugo Wilson ·




13TH - 17th NOVEMBER 2012



Alteria Art's motive is to work closely with associated artists to create high quality limited edition prints that will be sold to support the Art Barter initiative.

In keeping with Art Barterʼs ethos, Alteria Art will involve both established and emerging talent from the international art scene encouraging a genuine appreciation of artistic values, far from market strategies and calculations.

For the inaugural set of editions,  a group of ten artists was commissioned to bring together a coherent collection of etchings, all of the same size, elaborated around the designated theme of “The Human Body”.

 The artists offer each their personal vision and individual insight on the subject, meditating on endless possibilities of interpretations. The Human Body tackled as the ultimate icon of human caducity; investigated as abstract form or sectioned in its different parts; depicted as humorous, grotesque and uncanny figures; illustrative and suggestive; the body as a source of pain, pleasure, fear and happiness; its physiology but also its spirituality.


Each print comes as an edition of 25 and will be available in the format of 20 exclusive box sets with five of each edition being sold as individual prints with no distinction in price between more recognised and ascending talent.

Alteria Art will enable young collectors a chance to acquire unique artworks and at the same time, more seasoned collectors will have the

chance to discover emerging talent within the box sets that are certain to become desirable collectorʼs items.